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Learn Arabic Videos with Subtitles (2) – Alice buys the hat أليس تشتري القبعة

Let’s learn Arabic language through Arabic Videos with translation subtitles. It is possible to find Arabic videos with subtitles either in Arabic script or translated into Arabic. In our videos here, we focus on providing videos with both the original spoken content in Arabic, in addition to the transliteration of what is being said in English letters, to help learners who are yet comfortable enough with the Arabic script. The subtitles also include the English translation. In addition, all the three-line subtitles are color-matched, in order to allow the learners to glean the meaning of words and expressions.

videos with Arabic subtitles/transliteration in English letters, and English translation. We will watch a videos from the animation series “Alice in Wonderland أليس في بلاد العجائب”, which are dubbed in Arabic.

Dialogue – subtitles Arabic/Transliteration/Translation

كَفَى! إنَّه يُزَغْزِغ!

kafaa! innahu yuzaghzigh

Stop! It tickles

أَتُرِيدِينَ شِرَاء القُبَّعَة يَا آنِسَة؟

a-tureedeen shiraa2 al-qubba3ah yaa aanisah?

Miss, do you want to buy the hat?

يَجِبُ ألَّا يَرَانِي

yajib allaa yaraanee

He must not see me

أَنَا؟ مَا ثَمَنُهَا؟

anaa? maa thamanuhaa?

Me? What is its price? 

الأَفْضَل أَن تَقُولِي أَنْتِ كَم مَعَكِ؟

al-afdal an taqoolee anti kam ma3aki?

Better that you say how much do you have?

عَشَرَةُ قُرُوش

3asharatu quroosh

Ten piasters (cents)

حَسَنَاً، هَذَا يَكْفِي

7asanan, haadhaa yakfee

Ok, that’s enough

هَاك، تَفَضَّل

haak, tafaddal

Here is it, here you are

شُكْرَاً، وَوَقْتَاً مُمْتِعَاً مَعَ القُبَّعَة!

shukran, wa-waqtan mumti3an ma3a al-qubba3ah

Thanks, and have an enjoyable time with the hat

هَل تَعْتَقِدَ أَنَّ مِن الصَّوَابِ أنْ أُطعِمَهُ جَزَرَاً؟

hal ta3taqid anna min as-sawaab an ut3imahu jazaran?

Do you think that it is right to feed him carrots?



The hat?

لَا شَيْئ، لَا شَيْئ، شُكْرَاً!

laa shay2, laa shay2, shukran!

Nothing, nothing, thanks!

سَأَكتَشِفَ ذَلِكَ بِنَفْسِي!

sa-aktashifa dhaalika bi-nafsee!

I’ll figure this out on my own!

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