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Arabic Videos with Subtitles

Using Arabic Videos with Subtitles can help in learning the spoken language. It is important to show in the subtitles what the speakers are actually saying. In addition, it is also important to show the English translation. For learners who can’t read in Arabic, it can be useful to provide the transliteration of the Arabic text in Latin letters.

This triple subtitle format is part of the Champolu method. In fact, it provides complete transparency about what the spoken language. Therefore, learners can know the actual words in the speech, the meaning of each word, and how these words map to the meaning in the translation. In order to do this mapping, we do color-matching between the phrases and words in the original script, the transliteration, and the translation.

In the Arabic materials, we include clips from the show “Alice in Wonderland”. This is a popular children show with a version in Modern Standard Arabic. In this show, you can learn the basic Arabic phrases and expressions in a fun context.

Alice in Wonderland video clip with triple subtitle format

Here is a list of all multimedia material in Arabic. In this material, there are Arabic Videos with Subtitles with the triple subtitle format.

You can also check the Youtube playlist:

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