Arabic is one of the most challenging languages to learn. It involves several difficulties with the writing system, pronunciation of certain sounds, grammar, and variation between dialects. At Champolu, we break down these challenges into simple elements.

Apps and Games

alif game screenshot


Arabic Literacy Integrated Foundation (ALIF): An interactive game to learn Arabic Alphabet, including letter names, shapes and sounds, all the way up to reading and building words, and using Arabic keyboard to write Arabic script. Learn More

KAAF - Arabic Writing

This app teaches you to write in Arabic, both by typing using the Arabic keyboard, and by using handwriting on screen. (Coming Soon!)

AYN - Speech Training

Arabic has several sounds that are difficult to make. This app interactively teaches you how to generate thee sounds, while comparing your pronunciation to native speakers. (Coming Soon!)


This Udemy Courses introduces you to the basics of reading Arabic. It includes an introduction to the letters and their sounds and shapes, all the way up to recognizing letters and reading words. Learn More

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